Association law 1901

Bénin:Commune de Cotonou 5e Quartier Saint Jean Tdoté 03BP1274 Cotonou

France : N° SIRET : 492 111 380 000 19    Code APE : 913 E
Advertisement n° 1234 of the official journal 10 June 2004 :

- Association to fight against ignorance -


Object : To promote every action which is in the nature of developing knowledge, culture and new technologies and which makes ignorance and underdevelopment recede in Africa and in the world.

President: Sarah RIOS

Official papers: Administrative and financial documents.

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The ICOM Association wants to fight against underdevelopment.

To do this ICOM sets up local development projects which answer the needs, make up for the lack and permit change.

ICOM is an association of qualified people determined to act against underdevelopment in Africa.

Especially by putting into effect the means of communication, the means of education and the means of culture which are the basis and the conditions for the evolution of a country and its population.


The ICOM Association wants to fight against ignorance.

Install progress and free access to new technologies of production, reception and diffusion of image and sound.
Also to install the maximum use of information technology.

The ICOM Association wants to build the basic infrastructures and fight against injustice and the lack of state of the art technology in the countries of the South.

To be an actor in development. An actor against poverty. An actor against injustice and for the general progress of Humanity.