1 - An open stage
2 - A cyber center
3 - A video place

The association ICOM fights in Africa to carry out development projects. These are cultural projects and communication infrastructure which should make the country’s activities more dynamic, favour changes and install progress. ICOM association support YAYA YAOVI project "YY BAZE" at Calavi, Benin, Africa.

The Association also fights to give the young the means to set up their project or to create their work in Africa. This is the division Micro Finance of the association I COM

A scene from a show, that is to say : Equip a scene already constructed with light and sound. Manage and exploit this space of creation and diffusion to promote the artists.

Presents the artists from he region and from the world, programme the artists and their different specialities, project videos, invite participants who share their knowledge with the public.
Make this place a hub of culture and art.
Which makes culture more accessible to young artists.
Favours art and makes communication more dynamic to guarante progress.

A place of creation and diffusion of culture against ignorance and against poverty.

Cyber Center, that it to say : Construct a place,
install 7 computers there connected to Internet and receive contents. Have a broadband connection by satellite. Create internet websites, be connected to the world, do research and communicate. Use multimedia tools, give training and initiation courses. Open up regions isolated from progress.

This place is destined to be a place of reception and diffusion, a place of connection and learning.

A multimedia center.
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Video Place means: Construct a place.
Install a video projector and broadcast information and cultural content. On a big screen, with a system in consequence.
Broadcast VHS cassettes, DVDs and data files.
Receive television and see the internet on the television.

L'audiovisuel comme facteur de développement et la vidéo comme vecteur d'informations.
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MICRO FINANCE that is to say :
Finance the setting up of a project for a youngster who wants to create his job, set up his small enterprise or take up his studies and lack the means.
This youngster has to reimburse the Association little by little thanks to the profits from his activity.

Example :

Aide financière pour monter un atelier de couture :

The ICOM Association lent 80 000 F CFA (130 Euros) to a young tailor who had finished his course and who wanted to set up his own workshop. Thanks to this money he was able to invest in an iron, a sewing machine and the necessary equipment that he needed. Today he has opened his shop and started his activity.

Example :

Aide financière pour suivre des études et bénéficier d'une formation qualifiante :

Financial help to enrol on a course and benefit from professional training.
The ICOM Association gave 200 000 FCFA (300 Euros) to a young electronics technician so that he could continues his studies. Thanks to this money, he is doing a pofessional diploma course specializing in electronics in the renowned Centre Africain in electronics at Cotonou. Today he has finished his training and could obtain a post as assistant in recording studio.